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First flying Experience with Vietnam Airlines

I have previously written my trip to KLIA from Batam to Vietnam via KLIA Malaysia on previous post ( Perjalanan dari Batam Menuju Ke Vietnam dari KLIA Malaysia ). So, on this post I would like to share another experience related to the trip, but specificallyonboard experience and impression flying with Vietnam Airlines from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

First flying Experience with Vietnam Airlines
Continuing my previous post, I arrived at KLIA on time at 8:00 p.m. We decided to continue the flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia to Tan Son Nhat – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam via Vietnam Airlines.Actually. On a recent trip to Vietnam, it was my first flying experience with Vietnam Airlines.So, I made some points that probably will tell you about the experiance. Here are some of the details: 

1. Comfortable Flight

The Atmosphere Onboard
Personally, I feel comfortableenough flying with Vietnam Airlines. The service of the flight attendants was very friendly. My seat was comfortable for me to sit back and relax with my feet. I found it very easy to use entertainment provided in the board, such as a mini TV screen above my head. It broadcasts information to use safety equipment, information about aircraft and famous tourist objects in Vietnam.

2. Lot of foods 

The Food Served at the KLIA Flight to Tan Son Nhat
This point is one of my highlights when I fly between countries ─ the catering, indeed. Even though, the distance taken was not too far, just about an hour, but the food served by Vietnam airlines is quite a lot. For each meal that’s served, there are three options – beef, fish or chicken. There were then further choices within some of the cuisines. I chose the chicken meal and found it to be absolutely delicious ─ pudding and Vietnamese coffee from Vietnam airlines. Since Vietnamese coffee is very famous beverage, at least I have tried to enjoy it while flying with Vietnam Airlines.

3. On-time performance

After flying from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City using Vietnam Airlines, I continue travelling to others provinces in Vietnam. I visited Danang Province and Vietnam's capital, which is Hanoi. FYI, for my further trips to other provincesI still chose Vietnam Airlines. Another reason to choose this airline is because it has been shown on-time performance all this time.

Trying Vietnamese Coffee during Flight with Vietnam Airline
That’sall thestory of my firstonboard experience with Vietnam Airlines. I write this article because I feel comfortable during my flight with Vietnam Airlines. Hopefully this article can add referencefor you who are confused about choosing an airline and want to fly with Vietnam Airlines.

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  2. Nice experience, hope someday i can fly with Vietnam airlines also

  3. asik nih naik Vietnam Airlines full service

  4. Salam kenal, bro. I think we share a common interest.

    Gue hampiiirrr aja beli Vietnam Airlines karena dia lagi promo. Waktu itu lagi ngincer ke HK, sih. Tapi nggak jadi xD

    Bulan Mei lalu gue naik Malaysia Airlines dari Jakarta ke Phuket. Flight CGK-KUL makanannya mengecewakan, nasi dan tahunya kering. Itu makanan Vietnam Airlines kelihatan enak dan seger banget, mas. Flight lanjutannya, KUL-HKT (1 jam perjalanan), cuma dikasih 2 macam roti, tapi enak sih.

    Mas, itu kan layarnya ada di bawah overhead storage, terus pakenya gimana? Hal yang sama terjadi buat flight CGK-KUL, jadi layar cuma bisa dipake buat announcement.
    Review-nya masih bisa dikembangkan lagi supaya lebih detil, mas.